What are the three types of trademark?

Almost anything can be a trademark if you indicate the source of your products and services. It can be a word, a slogan, a design, or a combination of these. It can even be a sound, a scent, or a color. Keep in mind that the same word or logo could appropriately qualify as a different brand in different classes.

Fresher could be a trademark of the Medical Products class and also of the Food & Beverage class. Dove is a well-known shampoo and soap, but Dove is also a popular chocolate brand. A trademark owner must choose the class (or classes) that apply to their brand. When you understand the types of trademarks, you can make sure to apply for one that gets approval and raises awareness for your brand.

Understanding the different types will also help you know if you need to make changes to your brand before applying for a brand. If you need help with the types of trademarks, you can post your question or concern on the UpCounsel marketplace. It's best to fully understand each type so that you can choose one that may qualify for protection under trademark laws. Other types of trademarks include certification marks, collective membership marks, and collective trademarks.

Similarly, if a brand represents a new type of service or product, it can be difficult to decide how to categorize it. This type of trademark shows the belonging of each person and distinguishes services or products from those that do not belong to the group. The arbitrary type of trademark includes a word, brand, or phrase that is generally well known, but its meaning as a trademark is different. Before reading this section, watch the following overview video that covers the four types of trademarks and what they are used for, the topic of trademarks, and why trademarks are important not only to their owners, but also to the general public.

When applying for trademark protection, it's important to understand the differences between each type.

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