What are the different types of trademark?

A trademark provides legal protection for a word, symbol, phrase, logo, design, or combination of those that represent a source of goods or services. Trademark Classes: The full list of LegalZoom staff. An organization can issue a certification mark to indicate geographical origin, quality, type or manufacturing process, or other attributes. Unlike other types of trademarks, a certification mark is used by an authorized user, not the owner.

Despite the fact, only a fraction of the population knows the exact purpose of a brand, and even fewer people can identify its general types. Extravagant, arbitrary and suggestive trademarks are the strongest types of brands and are entitled to the greatest protection. This type of brand is used to recognize the origin of the product and helps maintain a company's reputation. Before reading this section, watch the following overview video that covers the four types of trademarks and what they are used for, the topic of trademarks, and why trademarks are important not only to their owners, but also to the general public.

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