What are the characteristics of trademark?

The potential drawback of an imaginary or coined word is that it may require more effort in terms of marketing to present the brand to consumers and build brand and product recognition by educating the consumer, since, at first glance, the consumer may not immediately understand what the product or the service is, or if they need it. They are also the most difficult types of brands to think of, requiring the highest levels of creativity, time and effort (unless you are lucky enough to have a light bulb go out while you are, for example, descriptivity exists whenever the brand describes the characteristics of its offer or some of its characteristics.


consisting exclusively of signs or indications that may serve, in commerce, to directly designate the product or service, or a characteristic of the product or service. The collective mark serves as a guarantee for consumers, because it guarantees that the products or services that are distinguished by it have specific characteristics (in terms of their origin, nature or quality).

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